Hana Nobari,  Dob - 2001, Iran. Based in Sydney Australia 

In my art practice, my main point is to connect to my viewers, through looking at my paintings that i have created, which are connecting to my personal life and visions. For the viewers to see the world through my eyes, and experience a glimpse of the world with me. If its a drawing of a rainy landscape or handmade ceramic bowls. Through my latest practice, i have developed an optical illusion series and paintings. These works are inspired through sci-fi, OP art, and psychedelic experiences as well as the illusion of turning normal places into an optical experience. In which my lecturer described my work studio “walking in to Hana’s brain.” and that is how I want all my audiences to experiment my works.

Artist Statement

In my latest practice, I have created a series of optical illusion paintings, and it started by expanding on a grid technique. I began to explore variants of patterns and lines, using acrylic black paint and adding hints of primary colours to give an optical effect to the black and white background. I created these paintings to communicate with the viewers through my eyes and my personal experiences. the painting, "perfectly imperfect ", is a representation of my daily life, through the simple painting of my living room.

my overall vision for this style of work is to explore the different variations of including these optical patterns in daily life. adding a different pattern to each plane of wall of my living room, allows the eye to travel throughout the entire painting, and be mesmerized by the blur effect. as well as my other paintings series titled ‘my vision’, which i have left colourless, to bring out the negative spaces which are left unpainted. my expectation from my audience is for them to look twice, and relate an optical sight in very normal space. moreover, for them to have a psychedelic experience looking at my artworks. i want my viewers to view a daily normal life through my eye and step foot into my 'living room' by a glance at my work.

i previously started by painting only patterns and figures (series, My Vision), which was the beginning of my practice. however, even though i still have the patterns and the figure visible in the "perfectly imperfect" painting, they are a lot more in context and personalized. as the silhouette of the figures head is painted in as a painting on the wall, making this sci-fi and post-human face to present a futuristic sight to the setting of the painting. this relating to my older practice, developed into a more relatable space, for both myself and the audience.

my work fits into the current contemporary art and artists, such as Beatrice Sagar, Bridget Reilly, and Mark Grotjahn. these artists have inspired me in my own practice, as they have practiced in optical patterns, colours, and shapes similar to my own interests.

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